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Top 5 Tallest Buildings

Top 5 Tallest Buildings

1) Burj Khalifa

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Height: 828 m/2,717 ft

Burj Khalifa stands at the first position since 2009, being the tallest building within the world with 2,717 foot of height. The building consists of 162 floors, 30,000 residences along side nine hotels and an enormous store. The building is built to provide metropolis international recognition and present it as an area for business, and not solely an oil-based country.

It has a tripedal style with edges cut in an exceedingly projected form to avoid wind turbulence, and it’s a protective cover system robust enough to survive Dubai’s high temperature. There square measure total fifty seven elevators and eight escalators, and therefore the elevators square measure large enough to require in 12-14 folks. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) are its designers, who are liable for the planning of one World Trade Center.


2) Shanghai Tower

Location: Shanghai, China

Height: 632.11 m/2,073 ft

Shanghai Tower is really quite new and has simply been completed on Sep 2015. it’s not receptive the general public however, and planned to be opened this November 2015. The building features a total 121 floors and it’s designed to be a edifice mixed with workplace area.

The building is an element of three tallest buildings in Shanghai with two others being Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World center (the sixth tallest building within the world). it’s total 320 edifice rooms and an enormous automobile parking space of 1,100.


3) Makkah Royal clock tower hotel

Location: Mecca, saudi arabia

Height: 601.00 m/1,971 ft

Makkah Royal tower hotel (Abraj Al Bait) could be a government in hand edifice created for accommodating muslims who return for activity pillar of Islam. The building features a huge put down the highest with 141 x 141 foot dimensions, creating it the most important record the planet. what is more, It’s broad base is claimed to be reason why it will stand thus firmly even with  such a height.

It consists of luxurious areas for permanent residents and guests along side a conference house massive and big  prayer room that’s large enough to suit on top of 10,000 people. five times each day 21,000 inexperienced and white lights blink to signal the time for prayer and on special occasions, vast sixteen vertical lights on prime of it increase to ten klick and lit up the sky.


4) One World Trade Center

Location: new york city, USA

Height: 541.33 m/1,776 ft

One World Trade Center is fourth tallest building within the world and first tallest building within the USA. it’s total 104 stories and incorporates offices, restaurants, broadcast centers, transportation hub and a repository.

Some of its options embrace, life-safety systems, renewable energy system, higher fireproofing, fresh water recycle system, interior daylight, pressurised stairs and recycled material for construction. Although, the truly building in 1300ft tall, however the steeple is additionally thought-about within the height, resulting in 1,776 foot total height.


5) Taipei 101

Location: Taiwan

Height: 509m / 1671 ft

Taipei 101 ranks fifth within the world once it involves tallest buildings. Although, CTF Finance Center has already broken Taipeh 101’s record with the peak of 1,739 ft, however it’s still below construction thus it can not be additional within the list. The building has been created to be robust enough to simply stand up to the robust winds and earthquakes for Taipeh.

It has been awarded because the tallest and largest inexperienced building within the whole world by LEED. It structure features a stacked temple look with eight phases and every segment contains eight floors.

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