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The 5 Most Stylish Men In The World Right Now

The 5 Most Stylish Men In The World Right Now

No disrespect to the Hall of Famers—from Kanye to Clooney, gosling to Pharrell—but this year we’re feeling a unique, right-this-second strain of pro-level vogue. we have a tendency to speak of men who look even as sharp on the road as they are doing on the red carpet. who understand that, within the camera-phone age, each very little walk to the corner will transform a photograph op. And who seldom trouble with suits—but once they do, they extremely build it count. So, with no more ado…

Lucky Blue

Yes, it helps to own his genes. however it additionally helps to own his jeans—and his leathers, and his tees. For Lucky, personal vogue is rock ‘n’ roll simple.

While most fashion models toil as anonymous walking coat hangers, boy wonder Lucky Blue Smith has become insta-famous on Instagram for his innate style: levis jackets, mall-rat hoodies, and platinum hair.

“I’ve never extremely checked out myself and thought, ‘Oh, i am extremely well-favoured.’ after I look within the mirror, I see a thin punk 17-year-old who simply needs to travel skate and hang around with some friends, and perhaps talk over with a few of chicks.” — Lucky Blue Smith

Eddie Redmayne

Any Hollywood schmuck will rent a stylist to doll him up in a very suit. Dressing casually is truly more durable. Doing it well needs a sixth sense—you would possibly even decision it a “fashion sense”—for the way to loop your belt and perch your glasses. Europeans are apparently born with this gift, and Eddie here embodies it. The guy appearance clad albeit he is simply running to induce the paper.


For an explicit variety of made guy, luxury means that comfort. It means that garments that work loose, thus as to not constrict the swag. garments that look acceptable for look, or perhaps enjoying, sports. Dressing this fashion may be a power move. It says: I will get in anyplace while not such a lot as a collared shirt, as a result of i’m Pine Tree State. Drake plays this look to the grip. He likes it such a lot that he started his own line—OVO, filled with cotton tees, fleece sweatshirts, and gaudy jackets—seemingly with great care he’d have a lot of stuff to wear himself.


Wide-brimmed hats square measure to the slurring, turning Atlanta rapper born Nayvadius Wilburn what white suits are to Tom Wolfe: an instantly recognizable daily uniform. Look higher than and you may notice they are identical basic vogue. they have the teardrop crown of a conventional Stetson, and also the brims have an Outback aptitude. “They were positively thought of an recent guy’s hat till Future started sporting them,” says brandy Williamson, owner of FlameKeepers Hat Club in Harlem. “Now we get lots of calls from guys wanting the ‘Future hat.’ ” that is as a result of context is everything. Future wears his man hats sort of a hipster, turning them into streetwear. “It’s a glance that is increased by simply a animal skin jacket or a t-shirt,” Williamson says. “And that is however Future gets down.”

Idris Elba

In 2016, the platonic ideal of an alpha-male lead doesn’t seem like Cary Grant—or, God facilitate United States, Hugh Grant. it’s like Idris, a dandy who relishes the possibility to decorate up, and who takes black tie as a challenge to blow everybody else away with a broody monochrome Giorgio Armani look that just about radiates masculinity. We’re undecided if Idris is de facto candidacy to be succeeding fictitious character, however he is damn positive been dressing the part.

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