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Month: February 2018


TOP 5 HEADPHONES       1) Sony MDR-1000X ₹30,990 Sony MDR-1000X earphones survey Sony slaughters foundation prattle, and quiets the opposition with these genuine clamor crossing out jars. Plan: Neat and attentive The Sony MDR-1000Xs look circumspect and sharp in Read More

20 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

20 Places You Must Visit Before You Die 1) The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia The Great Barrier Reef is the better accumulating of apricot reefs in the world, spanning over 1,400 miles. It’s so ample that it can be Read More

Best 3 Smartphones under 10,000

Best 3 Smartphones under 10,000 If you’re within the market trying to find the  Smartphone below 10,000. Chances are high that you just can find yourself with too several choices. As technology continues to become more cost-effective with every passing Read More

Upcoming Top 10 Movies

Upcoming Top 10 Movies   1.Avenger-The infinity war Marvel’s most ambitious project Avenger the infinity war will be going to release in 2018.With starring leading stars of Hollywood avenger is one of the most star-studded movie of the year. Avenger Read More


TOP 7 HISTORICAL PLACES OF THE WORLD 1) STONEHENGE Stonehenge could be a prehistoric monument set within the English county of Wiltshire  about 2.0 miles (3.2 km) west of Amesbury and 8 miles (13 km) north of capital of Zimbabwe. Read More

Best 5 Wildest Animal

Best 5 Wildest Animal 1) African lion Lions are thought-about the kings of the jungle. The African lion has unimaginable speed, razor sharp claws and teeth to attack a potential prey. They’re the largest of the African carnivores. The females Read More

Top 5 Mysterious Places

Top 5 Mysterious Places 1) Bermuda triangle The Bermuda triangle also called the devils triangle . Is an area in the far western part of the Atlantic Ocean. The mystery of the Bermuda triangle is that why have so many ships Read More

Features Of Nougat

Features Of Nougat Google’s latest android 7.0 nougat created its official debut earlier on, transferral a slew of enhancements, tweaks and funky options to enhance the experience. Android 7.0 nougat is already obtainable for transfer for choose devices like the Read More

Top 5 Tallest Buildings

Top 5 Tallest Buildings 1) Burj Khalifa Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Height: 828 m/2,717 ft Burj Khalifa stands at the first position since 2009, being the tallest building within the world with 2,717 foot of height. The building consists Read More